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Better Options for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While On the Open Road

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For many prospective CDL students, one of the biggest concerns they have when beginning the program is how their future career as a commercial truck driver will impact their lifestyle.  Although it may be difficult to stay active and maintain a balanced diet, there are plenty of effective strategies that truck drivers can employ in order to stay fit while on the road.  Here are a few tips for living a healthy lifestyle while spending hours on end inside your vehicle. 

Resist the Urge to Eat Fast Food & Choose Healthy Snacks

One of the biggest temptations on the road is fast food.  After completing your driver training, you'll realize just how hard it is to not give into the easy food option.  Remind yourself that your own great-tasting meals contain a fraction of the fat calories and many more essential nutrients.  There's no doubt that making the decision to stay away from the greasy fast food is going to be tough- it's tasty and it's quick.  However, making the constant decision to do so will pay off much more in the grand scheme of things.  You will feel much more energetic rather than sluggish and fatigued, and will be aiding yourself to have a longer healthier life! Invest in yourself by taking the time to read about how eating fast food will harm your body, and stop by your local supermarket to purchase much more appetite satisfying and nutritious food and snacks for your road trips. 

Kick Your Smoking Habit

Now here's a toughy.  If you're a smoker, it's best that you say goodbye to your bad habit before it starts to take its toll on your health.  As a truck driver who is constantly on the road, it's understandable that the urge to smoke more will constantly arise.  Kicking a bad habit is tough, so it would be foolish to try and completely stop.  It would be more effective to begin quitting gradually- start smoking one cigarette less a day and so on, OR- if you feel lke you're up to it, stop smoking your regular brand of cigarette and purchase the electronic ones that contain less nicotine.  The sooner you kick the habit, the sooner your body can begin to heal itself. 

With the right amount of self-control and commitment, you can stay fit and feel good while out on the open road. 

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Best decision I ever made!