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Eliminating Your Distractions on the Road Could Save the Lives of Others…and Your Own.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Distracted Driving continues to be an issue with the increased usage of mobile devices while on the road, and that isn’t the only distraction causing the many accidents and tragedies that are constantly making headlines.  Eating, changing radio stations, grooming yourself, etc., are all things that can easily prevent your focus from fully being where it needs to be- on the road and on your surroundings.

At Smith & Solomon, we advocate against distracted driving to the max.  As leaders in the training industry for over 30 years, our primary concern is that everyone is enforcing and applying driver safety practices while on the road, at all times.                                                                                                                                             

Following these few precautionary steps could save your life, and others around you:

  • Put aside your electronic devices.  Completely refrain from using your cell phone while driving – handheld or hands-free – EXCEPT in an ABSOLUTE EMERGENCY.  No texting, emailing, video games, internet usage, or radio tuning.
  • No dressing and/or personal grooming – finish it at home, before you get on the road.
  • If you need your GPS for your trip, program it before you start to drive.
  • Make adjustments before you get on the road- seats, mirrors, climate controls and sound systems. Decide on your route and check traffic conditions ahead of time.
  • Snack smart while on the road- avoid messy foods that can be difficult to manage. If you can, eat meals or snacks before or after your trip, not while driving.  
  • Store possessions and loose gear that could get in your way while driving.
  • If there is something demanding your attention, make it a point to pull over to the side of the road at a safe place. 

If you cannot devote your full attention to driving because of some other activity, it’s a distraction. Take care of it before or after your trip, not while behind the wheel.  Applying these habits to your driving routine can make a world of a difference. 

Also, if you’re unsure of what the laws are in regards to Distracted Driving, check out this link:

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