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Finding Work after Attending a CDL Training School

Friday, June 20, 2014

Once you finish up at your CDL training school, you will have to begin the job search process. This is often more difficult than attending classes and learning how to drive a truck, as this is a very competitive industry. You will want to carefully research the locations at which you will apply to ensure that you are getting on with a reputable organization that will treat you well. At the same time, you will have to prepare yourself for the interview process and hope that you are chosen for a profitable position.

Create Your Resume

It should go without saying that you should have a resume, but many people who are fresh out of school mistakenly believe that they can get by without one. While you might be able to find work with a local company without a resume if you know some people who work there, most major trucking companies are not operated in this manner. You might want to have a professional help you create a resume, as this ensures that you are putting your best foot forward.

Get Recruited

Most large trucking organizations use recruiters, since they need to hire many new drivers at various times throughout the year. Meeting some recruiters will not only provide you with your first contact with these companies, but it also shows you which companies are hiring and how their hiring process works. Remember that the more recruiters you meet, the more experience you will gain when dealing with the job search process. Sometimes these recruiters will even come to your CDL training school, so you will not have to search for them.

Have Flexibility

When you are finally offered a job, make sure that you are flexible. In some cases, you might be offered a job in another city. While this is not ideal, especially if you have family in your current town, it does get your foot in the door. You can then apply for internal positions within your desired location once you gain some work experience. You should also be open to working nights and weekends, as this is where many drivers get their start.

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