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Interested in Joining the Trucking Industry?

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

If you are interested and decide to begin a career as a commercial truck driver, then you’re setting yourself up for an exciting field full of freedom, flexibility, and many new experiences.  Here are just a few tips for you to use as a guideline into the world of trucking.

1.  Choose a reputable trucking school.  Make sure you do your research on whether or not they offer full-time and part-time hours, newer, manual transmission equipment and job placement assistance.  Job placement assistance is a HUGE deal and perk that many trucking schools do not offer.  Make sure the school of your choosing is able to help you with employment and has relationships with some of the major trucking companies.

2. Know you options.  In the trucking industry, there are different routes and hours you may have that vary greatly from having a 9 to 5 type of position.  There are over-the-road options, regional and local routes.  Researching these type of trucking routes will give you better insight as to what you’ll be doing as a commercial truck driver.

3. Keep an open mind.  As a truck driver, you’ll always encounter new situations and different people on a daily basis.  Knowing and understanding this in advance prepares you mentally to be the best while on the open road, and how working in the trucking industry is an adventurous career.

4.  Research trucking companies.  This goes back to knowing your options- as well as hours and routes, trucking companies also specialize in different types of logistics and cargo.  Researching these options also puts you ahead of the game when approaching your start in a career in trucking.  Enrolling in a CDL school that offers job placement assistance usually has recruiters from major trucking companies visit their campus to speak to the students because they oftentimes recruit from within.

If you’re leaning towards making the step to obtain your CDL and begin a new career in trucking and have any questions regarding the steps needed to take, feel free to call us at Smith & Solomon and we’ll be happy to assist you 1-800-622-0355.

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Thanks to all the instructors and the girls. Keep up the excellent work you are doing.

Elenice, Graduate, Linden, January 2013