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The Need for CDL Drivers Continues to Increase

Friday, January 24, 2014

At some point or another everything you consume, utilize and wear has been in contact with a truck.  Truck drivers are what keep America moving and are the catalysts for supply chains to continue functioning and stay in business.  Yet trucking companies all over America are experiencing a shortage of drivers like never before.

According to the ATA (American Trucking Associations), the approximate driver shortage is at 20,000-25,000 drivers per year.  Similarly, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics projects job growth to reach an estimated 330,100 jobs by 2020.  In order to manage the increasing demand for truck drivers, trucking companies would need to hire 100,000 drivers per year.  It’s fair to say that with these staggering numbers, the trucking industry is in need of significant assistance to maintain the day to day logistics of transporting goods and services across the country.

Over the last few years, various major trucking companies such as Schneider National, Werner Enterprises, J.B. Hunt Transport Services and Swift Transportation have made their recruiting efforts more aggressive, offering incentives such as signing bonuses as well as commercial driving school reimbursement.

With the current high number of unemployed individuals, this is a field with a multitude of positions and opportunity available to be taken advantage of. Of course a commercial driver’s license is needed, but with the incentive of tuition reimbursement being offered by selected employers, this is a win-win for anyone looking to join the field.

If you’re interested in the industry of trucking and would like more information about obtaining your CDL, please visit:


I graduated your school during the summer of 2012 and landed a local driving job immediately and haven't looked back since. My life is back on track after being laid off in early 2012 and I'm on target to make over $75,000 this year. Again, thank you for the new skill. I just learned that truck drivers are more in the demand than ever as rules, laws, and regulations get more challenging, along with the next generation of truck drivers starting to retire creating a big hole in the industry.

Thank you All for Everything