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Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training’s COO, John Diab announced as new chairman of CVTA (As Seen on CNN)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Linden, New Jersey, November 18, 2013:  The CVTA (Commercial Vehicle Training Association) held their fall 2013 conference last month in Washington, D.C. where the announcement that John Diab, COO of Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training will sit as their new Board of Directors Chairman.

The CVTA plays a pivotal role in the world of the extremely prominent industry of trucking.  They are the National Trade Association representing the proprietary truck driving schools in the United States and Canada.  CVTA represents approximately two hundred commercial driver training schools and graduates an estimated 50,000 new drivers each year.

Diab says the CVTA has done a number of things to contribute to the trucking industry that would not have happened had the Association not existed- issues pertaining to regulations that were withdrawn by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. “Had these regulations remained, approximately fifty percent of commercial driver training schools would have gone out of business”, says Diab. 

When presented with the question of serving as Chairman of the association, Diab’s response was that he would only assume the role if he could make a difference.  He believes that as an Association, there is much more opportunity to influence decisions relative to the industry of trucking.  More importantly, Diab is looking forward to having a voice in Washington that will be heard.  Now as Chairman of the CVTA, Diab intends on increasing the number of members of the Association, to continue building their relationship with the FMCSA, and to increase funding for commercial vehicle driver training programs.

Having the honor as Chairman of the CVTA, Diab deems this as an opportunity to expand on a greater scale, the standards that Smith & Solomon hold.  In his welcome message on the CVTA’s website he solidifies his purpose and intentions with these closing statements, “As we (the CVTA) continue to grow, we must keep in mind the passion and purpose upon which CVTA was founded.  We must continue to be recognized both within the Industry, as well as by the general public, as the foremost experts in CDL Training in the country.  To move forward and continue to expand and grow our Industry and association, we must be prepared to adapt, change and fight as we have in the past to accomplish our ultimate goals.”

Smith & Solomon has been in the truck driver training industry for over two decades. They are one of the largest commercial driver training schools in the country, maintaining a fleet of 140 pieces of equipment. They have eight campuses throughout the northeast United States- Bellmawr, New Jersey, Bordentown, New Jersey, Lakewood, New Jersey, Linden, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Norristown, Pennsylvania, Dupont, Pennsylvania and New Castle, Delaware.  Smith & Solomon has been considered a leader in commercial driver education, and is looked upon to advise the trucking industry in driver recruitment, driver retention and driver compliance issues.

Picture Taken on Feb 8, 2012 –John Diab Sr. with Anne S. Ferro, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

"Just got my CDL license. Got a job before I graduated. Thank you for getting me on the right track. Thank you to all of the instructors that helped me every step of the way." 

Just got my CDL license.