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Smith & Solomon is Raising Awareness About Human Sex Trafficking

Monday, March 3, 2014
It seems impossible and far-fetched that modern day slavery still exists in the world today. 
Unfortunately it does- it is a global issue and is becoming even more evident in the U.S., specifically human sex trafficking.
Smith & Solomon has now begun its efforts in supporting TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking)- a new non-profit organization dedicated to this horrible reality.
“Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is a 501(c)3 that exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking.”
The staff at Smith & Solomon, a leader in training future truck drivers is adamant about getting the information out to their prospective, current and graduated students.  This is a serious issue that everyone should educate themselves about.

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Best decision I ever made!