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Top Questions to Ask Recruiters

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Company recruiters like Schneider, Werner, Stevens Transport, and US Express (to name a few), visit our campuses on a regular basis.  They do this to meet with you,  the future truck driver.  Who better to answer your questions about the companies that may potentially employ you?   It's important to know what questions to ask in order to be completely informed about the industry, as well as specific companies you may be interested in.  Ideally, these are the top questions we recommend you ask:

1.  Where are your orientations held?

2.  How long is the orientation?

3.  What is the average salary during orientation and training?

4.  What is the potential salary after completing the training?

5.  During orientation, are lodging and meals paid for by the company?

6.  Can you switch trainers if it doesn't  work between the two parties?

7.  If the trainer takes home-time, do I keep driving or get re-assigned?

8.  How many miles per week would I average as a new driver?

9.  Is there tuition reimbursement? How does it work?

10.  What is your general home-time policy and where does the truck get placed when I go home?

11.  What is your ride along policy?

12.  Are pets allowed on the road?

13.  Is there a no-touch position, or is unloading involved?  What is the compensation for unloading?

14.  What is the breakdown and layover and detention pay?

15.  What is the idling policy?

16.  Does the company have any dedicated contracts?  When would I be eligible for them?

17.  What can I expect my first year earnings to be? What is the potenital increase after my first year?

18.  Is there a 401k and how is it structured?  What is the vacation policy?

19.  What medical and dental plans are offered? When do you become elligilble?

20.  What are the reasons I could be disciplined and/or terminated for?

We recommend that you take every opportunity and attend all company recruiter presentations.  This gives you options and even more knowledge about what is available to you in the trucking industry.

For scheduled companies, questions and/or applications, please see your Admissions Coordinator and/or Job Placement Specialist at your Campus.  Additionally, our recruiter visits schedule is posted on our website every month.

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