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What You Need to Know About the CDL License

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In the United States, a CDL license is a certificate that permits you to drive a vehicle with a gross weight of 26,000 or more pounds. Generally, this weight limit is reserved for tractor-trailers and buses, although you might find a few other vehicles that exceed this limit under certain circumstances. Driving a vehicle that is above this limit without the license is illegal, so you will need to get your permit if you plan to work in the trucking industry.

Find a Job

Drivers who can handle large rigs are in high demand currently and many of these jobs pay very well. Once you have your CDL license, it can be applied to a number of different fields. For example, you might begin working for a construction company, as they often require a driver to haul supplies and waste from one location to another. You could work as an independent contractor, supplying your driving services to anyone who needs it for a premium cost. The opportunities are endless, so you should not have a problem finding work once you pass the CDL test.

Steps Involved

Before you receive your license, there are a few things that you must do. For starters, you will have to pass three separate written tests before you can learn how to drive. Once you pass these tests, you can immediately drive a commercial motor vehicle, as long as you have a fully licensed driver with you. After you have driven on public roads with this licensed driver for a while and feel as though you can handle the vehicle well enough, you can take a driving test. To prepare for this test, many people will attend classes at a truck driving school, as this provides you with the skills that you will need to pass.

Training Courses

If you choose to go through with a training course, it usually lasts between 120 and 160 hours, depending on the type of training that you require. The instructors will ensure that you develop the skills that you need to begin your new career as a professional driver and will not take any shortcuts along the way. This is the best way to get your CDL license because you will learn to have confidence in your skills every time you get behind the wheel.

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