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Women in The Trucking Industry

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What are you waiting for to start your career as a professional truck driver? Nowadays, female truckers are growing faster than ever.  Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the significant role women have in the trucking industry, and that their numbers are increasing every year. Those days of male dominant industry are over. Women are taking full charge and they are challenging themselves to grow and to be better. Today is not rare to see a woman as a pilot, as a combat soldier or as a mechanic. As a result, now is the time for women to become professional truck drivers.

We all know about the major shortage of truck drivers nationwide. Therefore, we are encouraging women to join the trucking industry. The number of women earning their commercial drivers’ licenses is continuously growing. Consequently, 5.8% of truck drivers were women in 2014 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a number that continues to grow compared to previous years.

According to Werner Enterprises Chief Operating Officer Derek Leathers “Whether measuring accidents, inspections or compliance issues, women drivers are outperforming males. Werner Enterprises is currently implementing recruiting campaigns that focus on women drivers. They are aware of the potential women have in the trucking industry.  Therefore, to attract more females into the trucking industry Werner Enterprises provides a great pay plan, benefits, automatic transmissions trucks, flexible schedules, guaranteed home time, and more.”

We are encouraging women to join this prosperous industry because the trucking industry needs more female professional truck drivers. Today is your day to become a professional truck driver.  There are endless opportunities for anyone who is taking the journey as a trucker. If you are ready to become a truck driver? Visit any of our campuses to learn about all the advantages of getting your commercial driver license from Smith & Solomon.

Now is better than later to join the truck driving industry. Start your journey on the road to success at any of our campuses. CALL NOW!!! 1-800-622-0355

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