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You Can Get Your CDL On The Weekends

Thursday, May 11, 2017

If you want a new career, want to increase your income and you are looking to excel in a prosperous industry? Then Commercial truck driving is for you.  We understand that everyone has different schedules, that’s why we are here to help you get your Commercial Driver’s License with our weekend classes. We offer multiple CDL programs where you can choose from.

Due to the commercial driver shortage, there are endless position available for you to apply, but in order for you to drive a commercial vehicle, you must have your Commercial Driver’s License. As a result, you need to meet the requirements to attain your CDL, then you need to pass your exams.

Our commercial driving training sets you up for a prosperous career in the transportation industry. Therefore, you will be a valuable driver for major trucking companies. Most trucking companies offer great incentives, benefits and other perks for their new truck drivers. For example:

  • Paid vacation
  • Job security
  • 401k
  • Medical insurance
  • Mileage bonuses
  • Flexible schedules, and many others

We understand you have a busy week and that night classes are impossible. Our weekend program covers the same material as our regular programs.

Our weekend courses are on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, and the length of the program is about 160 hours including behind-the-wheel training and classroom-style instruction. In case you need additional help or more training time; we are here to help you achieve your CDL.


I passed my test/ I learned from the best/ I will succeed in the rest Clyde-your method of classroom teaching works & works well You taught me how to get a cdl thank you for all that knowledge Cheryl-you are amazing & helpful in everyway from enrollment to job placement to counseling YOU are 100 PERCENTACCREDITED TO ME Thank you & stay cool ur the best Mark-I got it! You taught me the bumps in the road & now I will glide on the rewards Thanks for listening Graduating Classmates Nov/Dec2015 GREAT TEAMWORK & GOOD LUCK & MANY SAFE MILES ThankYou Smith&Solomon DupontPA You gave me the tools & I will use them to my fullest advantage with all my options to be one of the best & proud truckdrivers from your school.

Donna Blaszcyk, Dupont Campus 2015