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Touch a Truck Event

Smith & Solomon enjoyed a day full of laughs, giggles, smiles and lots of excitement along with all of the families who joined us at “Touch A Truck” event hosted by the Lions Club of South Plainfield.  Our commitment goes beyond just our students, we are committed to support our local community. This event brought together the local community to have a trucking learning experience. The most exciting part of this event was to be able to provide a hands-on experience for kids and families to explore and interact with our trucks.

Smith & Solomon Annual Job Fair Success!

Linden, New Jersey, May 6,2017:  Smith & Solomon’s annual Job Fair was held on May 6, 2017.  This community event was a total success! Over 30 major companies were present, looking to hire new employees.  In addition, more than 500 applicants came to the Job Fair.  Employers and recruiters in the commercial trucking industry and transportation industry were eager to hire.  As a result, all attendees learned about the many opportunities and benefits having a CDL offers them.  

Outstanding Werner Enterprises Hiring Fall Event

Linden, September 29th 2016.

New Year, New Career, New You!

New Year, New Career, New You!

Your future awaits you....

Whether you’ve been unemployed or you’re in the middle of considering a career change, the New Year is a chance for a fresh start- and there’s no time like now to enroll for your CDL. Now’s the time to take a hard look at all of the opportunities being a CDL holder has to offer!

One thing that sets the trucking industry apart from other industries is the quick turnaround time from enrolling to graduating. 

Great Turnout at our 1st FREE Hiring Event with U.S. Xpress Enterprises!

Our 1st FREE Hiring Event with U.S. Xpress turned out to be a great experience for prospective students, our current students and our grads from different Smith & Solomon campuses.  Everyone who attended was provided with information on the positions U.S.

How Does Contract CDL Training Differ from Attending a CDL School on Your Own?

Today there are different routes you can take to obtain CDL training and a license.  These options have grown due to the increase in demand for drivers and the amount of positions that need to be filled.  These numbers are in the 10’s of thousands.

Major trucking companies are now offering paid training to those interested in the career, but with a catch- there usually involves a contract between both the company and new driver to become employed with them for anywhere from one to three years.

U.S. Xpress Ent. Hiring Event Friday, December 4, 2015


Press Release

Hammonton, NJ, August 4, 2015:  Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training has recently opened a new campus in Hammonton, NJ.  These efforts are fueled by the need to alleviate the job loss devastation Atlantic City has undergone just last year. 

GRAND OPENING of NEW Smith & Solomon Office in Hammonton, NJ

Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training has just opened their 9th training facility in Hammonton, NJ.  The new campus is conveniently located off of exit 28 on the Atlantic City Expressway. 
If you've been interested in enrolling for your commercial driver's license and have been looking for the right school, we've opened this location for you!  Give us a call today to meet with our friendly Admissions Staff:
583 13th Street, Suite 103
Hammonton, NJ 08037
Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

Without Trucking, How Will You Get Your Stuff?

Trucking is one of the most important industries that majority of other industries depend on in order to maintain and increase productivity in their businesses.  Trucks transport and handle more cargo than any other form of transportation- ships, trains, you name it.  Logistics by trucks are involved in every step of the process of a given product.  From transporting materials to having them manufactured, to the delivery of the final product at your local retailer, this is all dependent on that of a truck. 


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