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Do You Want to Travel the County While Earning a Living?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How satisfied are you with your current job?  Do you look forward to work every day, or is every moment on the job agonizing?  For many, a work environment can be boring, even oppressive with multiple bosses hovering in the vicinity looking over your shoulder.  Gain back your freedom by getting your CDL and embarking on a career in truck driving.  Here are some of the perks:

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America is a diverse nation, both geographically and culturally.  Truck driving gives you the opportunity to hit the open road and see what the country has to offer.  From coast to coast, you'll encounter rugged mountains, parched deserts, open ranges and people from all walks of life.  Get paid for doing something you've always wanted to do!


As a truck driver, you won't have to suffer the indignity of uniforms, name tags, hovering bosses, lunch breaks, or fake smiles.  It's just you, the open road, and a radio.  Choose for yourself when to stop and take a break.  Wear whatever you want, and do whatever you want while you're out on the run.  Feel the wind blow through your hair and wonder why anyone would want to sit at a desk all day.

Job Security

Due to the importance of transporting freight, trucking is a career that will be in high demand far into the future.  Most companies in the trucking industry are currently having a hard time finding drivers, and the demand for truck drivers is only projected to increase in the next decade as the economy continues to grow and older drivers leave the labor force.  You'll always be able to find a job, which is something not everyone can say.

Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training provides proven training programs to make sure you get your CDL and gain employment shortly after.  Call (800) 622-0355 to schedule an appointment with one of our training centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware to get started in your new career.

It will open doors that can't be opened without experience!  Best decision I made!  3months license and 4 endorsements!

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