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How Does Contract CDL Training Differ from Attending a CDL School on Your Own?

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Today there are different routes you can take to obtain CDL training and a license.  These options have grown due to the increase in demand for drivers and the amount of positions that need to be filled.  These numbers are in the 10’s of thousands.

Major trucking companies are now offering paid training to those interested in the career, but with a catch- there usually involves a contract between both the company and new driver to become employed with them for anywhere from one to three years.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach per se, however there have been many new drivers that don’t understand the contract terms fully and/or would like to move on to a better position, but then find out they cannot.  This is because their employer who provided the training to them to get their license has made it contractual for the new driver to work for a set period of time in order to “pay the debt” of their CDL education.  Now, some people are ok with this, but it has been an occurring trend that individuals prefer their freedom of choosing where they work and how they progress in their career as a professional truck driver.

The contract may be broken, but the new driver will then be liable to pay a debt and receive a bill from their once employer, who was also their school.  Below are some of the differences discovered between contract and non-contract training from feedback of our prospective students:

Non-Contract Training

  • Freedom to work where you’d like.
  • Flexible Training when it’s convenient for you.
  • Recruiters come to you- learn about many different companies.
  • Tuition reimbursement available from a variety of companies.
  • More home time during training period and work life.
  • Bonuses and sign-on incentives (even local companies)!


Contract Training

  • Bound to signing a contract without a trial period to see if the position is right for you (liable for training cost if contract is terminated early).
  • Schedule generally consists of over-the-road work for extended period of time.
  • Pay rate is less than what may be paid to you if you obtained training through an actual CDL school.
  • Mandatory team training and driving schedule.

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