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Successful CDL Graduate - Interview

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gregory Moore

Linden, NJ Graduate 


-How was your experience when you came to Smith & Solomon? 
When I was here at Smith & Solomon I was changing my life, and they provided me good training. The trainers here are amazing. I think of them a lot they gave me what I needed to get my life in order – I was already driven, but they put the fuel in me. 

What did you like the most?
The staff! Specially Ross and Angel they are awesome.

What did you like the most?
What I like the most it that it provided me with the opportunities! The name of Smith & Solomon goes very far out in the trucking industry. When employers ask where did I get my CDL and I tell them I graduated from Smith & Solomon.  Is almost like I called it a “Gold Card” 
Thanks to my CDL training, I have been all over the USA and Canada!

How has your CDL helped you? 
Immensely, well there are a lot of opportunities out there in the trucking industry. I was looking for a change in my life and I knew that driving trucks will give me that. I now have my own company, yet I still have my student hat on, I’m on learning mode at all times. I suggest for anyone getting in the trucking industry they keep that hat on at all times. There is so much to learn. Smith & Solomon provided me a good foundation.

What would you like to tell others joining the trucking industry?
What are you waiting for?  The trucking industry provides opportunities! having my CDL, keeping a clean driving record and keeping my student hat on has lead me to many opportunities. – The opportunities are endless you can take trucking anywhere, as long as you do your basic pre- trip post- trip safety one hundred percent all the way. Never get comfortable! Don’t get complacent! Don’t get to cocky behind the wheel–Keep the learning hat on at all times. They can go anywhere they want to go with their CDL. 

I want to thank Smith & Solomon! Especially Ross, I have known guys that they have graduated from Smith and Solomon and they say, “hey do you know Ross?” Of course, who doesn’t know Ross! He is a staple for the Linden campus.

I want to thank Smith & Solomon for the opportunity to get my CDL. I’m now a business owner, I’m very proud of all my trucks and my family takes pride for what I have accomplished, that’s thanks to my “Gold Card” I got from Smith & Solomon. I will continue to grow my business and to provide more opportunities for those joining the trucking industry, especially if they graduate from Smith & Solomon. 


That was the best career choice I could have ever made going to Smith&Solomon to get my CDL....
So now because of it I'm driving trucks for one of the Fortune 500 companies out, Republic Services - Maurice D. Ferguson 

The best career choice I could have ever made