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Why is Never Too Late to Switch Career Paths

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

There is no excuse for settling into a dead-end job that you don’t enjoy.  If you’re thinking about switching jobs, know that you can make it happen, no matter your age or education level.  You can pursue an exciting new career with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and change your life in as little as three weeks.


Quick CDL Training

The training required to get a CDL can take anywhere between three to five weeks to complete.  At the lower end of the time scale, you earn a CDL B, where you learn how to drive a bus, straight truck, or box truck.  In a couple more weeks, you can ass tractor trailers to that certification, earning a CDL A and opening up many career doors for yourself.


CDL Job Placement

A good CDL training center will not stop at teaching you how to drive the buses, and tractor trailers.  You will also receive job placement in a growing field that is already in demand.  The United States Bureau of Labor informs that as of 2015 the median pay for heavy tractor-trailers truck drivers is $19.36. per hour, or $40,260 annually.  Better still, these jobs provide short on-the-job training, making CDL A a worthwhile career change.


Anyone Can Learn

The only requirements for entering a CDL program are being 18 years of age or older and having a valid state-issued driver’s license.  Some programs may require that your driver’s license be clean, or, free of points, revocation, and suspensions.  Lake of education doesn’t have to hold you back from taking the leap into a job that pays well.  This can be especially promising if you do not have a high school diploma.


At Smith & Solomon Training Solution, we can set you on your way to earning a great living in a matter of weeks.  Call us at (800) 622-0355 to find out more about our CDL training programs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.


"Just got my CDL license. Got a job before I graduated. Thank you for getting me on the right track. Thank you to all of the instructors that helped me every step of the way." 

Just got my CDL license.