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What is a Class B CDL?

The Class B commercial driver’s license (CDL) allows you to operate any single vehicle, with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 or more pounds. It also allows you to operate a single vehicle towing a trailer that is less than 10,000 pounds GVWR. This license is most commonly associated with a straight truck.

There are additional endorsements you may need in order to operate certain vehicles with a Class B license. Some of these vehicles include:

  • Straight trucks
  • Large buses
  • Segmented buses
  • Box trucks
  • Dump trucks with small trailers

Note – A driver with a Class B license can also drive a Class D vehicle, but NOT a Class A vehicle.

Careers that require a Class B CDL license include:

  • Supervisors
  • Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers
  • Hauling specialty cargo
  • Furniture delivery
  • Bus driver
  • Courier

Choosing the right truck driver training program is a crucial first step in getting your Class B CDL and getting started in your new career. It’s important that the school you choose has an in-depth, hands-on CDL B training curriculum that will prepare you for an exciting career working with a major carrier


 Graduated Feb. 2014, from the Lakewood, NJ campus. Went to Schneider, drove for a year and became a Training Engineer, did that for 3 months, then became an Instructor. Now, a year and 6 months later, I am the Southeast Regional Training Advisor, relocated to Charlotte, N.C.- Shawn Targett

I am the Southeast Regional Training Advisor