Explore Your Country

Explore Your Country While Trucking

Are you ready to take on a daily adventure full of great opportunities and sightseeing all while traveling as professional a truck driver?

As a professional truck driver, you will be getting paid to travel the country while discovering the beauty within the country. The main priority of your career is to transport goods. Professional truck drivers are in an all-time high demand. As a result, major trucking companies provide great pay plans, outstanding benefits and new trucks to attract new truck drivers. You could take full advantage of endless opportunities and benefits within the trucking industry.

While you are trucking from coast to coast you will have an exceptional life time experience viewing our country best sightseeing, landmarks and monuments plus the opportunity to meet and work with people from all other states.

Truck drivers spend tremendous amount of time in their truck. Therefore, major trucking companies like Werner Enterprises provides most drivers with new trucks to provide them with exceptional comfort while they are on the road. In addition, newer trucks, allows truck drivers to go further distances without any down time. Best of all, you could earn from $45,000 to $65,000 in your first year.

Once you have your CDL Class A, you can sit back as a professional truck driver to take on the roads of our country while getting paid to travel. To start your adventure, you need to come into one of our campuses to register for our next available CDL classes. What are you waiting for?