How Sponsored CDL Training Works

Do you want to become a truck driver but are concerned about paying for your training? Sponsored CDL training might be the solution for you. Sponsored training offers two benefits. First, you do not have to pay for your CDL classes. Second, you have a guaranteed job after you get your CDL. However, it is not for everyone. 

With sponsored CDL training, a trucking company pays for your CDL classes. In exchange, they ask you to sign a contract promising to work for them after you get your CDL. The terms of the contracts can vary, but they will usually require you to work for the sponsoring company for a certain amount of time. If you quit working for them, you may be responsible for repaying them the cost of your CDL classes. 

While signing one of these contracts may seem overwhelming, they are usually a good deal for students. One of the risks of taking CDL classes on your own is that you will not be able to find employment afterward. When you have a sponsor, you know you have a job. Plus, the contracts are usually short-term. They may be for one or two years. In the grand scheme of things, that is a relatively short period of time, even if you do not like working for that employer. Plus, any time you spend driving with them gives you a chance to fill out your resume. You will also get the opportunity to meet other truckers, which can help you decide which trucking companies are the best employers. 

One drawback to sponsored training is that employers usually want to pick your driving school. That can mean you do not succeed at your top school choice. To get around that, we suggest calling your favorite schools and asking them if they work with any sponsors. Then, you can find potential employers that work with the school you want to attend. 

At Smith & Solomon, we work with several local and national employers to do sponsored training. Our roster of employers is constantly changing as different companies have a demand for drivers. So contact us to find out more information.