Truck Driving Safety Tips

It can be easy to think of driving your truck as an everyday thing. However, being a trucker comes with a lot of responsibility. Your employer, your state, and your fellow drivers are all trusting you to drive a massive vehicle on the roadways, watch out for other drivers, and keep people safe. However, the monotony of the job can make it easy to stop paying attention, which can be very risky. That is why we put together a list of our top truck driving safety tips. 

Pay Attention to the Weather

Always check the weather along your route, so you know what to expect during your drive. Also, keep an eye out for changing conditions. You may drive hundreds of miles a day. So, even if it was balmy and warm when you departed, you could be dealing with ice or snow. So, pay attention to the weather. 

Be Aware

Make sure you are paying attention to everything around you. Use your mirrors frequently to check your surroundings. Use technology to find out if there are accidents or bad road conditions ahead. Try to keep an escape route available in case the other drivers act crazy. Do not drive when you are tired. Take breaks for rest, exercise, and meals. 

Avoid Traffic

Out of our truck driving safety tips, this tip is not always possible. However, plan your routes to avoid high-traffic times and areas, especially in a congested city. In many cities, a longer route will help you avoid traffic and take a shorter time. If not, think about scheduling your breaks so that you miss rush hour. Traffic increases your risk of accidents in two ways. First, there are just more vehicles around. Second, people lose their cool in traffic- making them drive recklessly. 

Scope Out Things on Foot

Heading to a new delivery area? Picking up from an unfamiliar warehouse? Need to head down a street that seems tight or small? Take the time to park your rig and walk around the area. That can help you scope out trees, buildings, and other potential obstructions. If you cannot safely get to someone, let them know so you can make other delivery arrangements. 

Slow Down

The faster you drive, the longer your stopping distance. So, slow down anytime you have any concerns about traffic, weather, road conditions, or visibility.